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Health Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment

Do you have nagging headaches or back and neck pain that rest won’t fix? Have you had a recent accident and ever since your back or neck has ached? Chiropractic adjustment could be the solution to reducing your pain. Many people don’t realize the health benefits of chiropractic adjustment stretch beyond the back and the neck. The pain you are feeling could be coming from an area that you don’t realize is causing you problems. Arizona Health Pros serving the Phoenix area operates under this philosophy and knows hip, knee or shoulder pain could be due to a misalignment of the spine. Diet, stress and exercise can all contribute to back problems and chiropractic adjustment can help soothe the pain or adjust the body to its proper position. The following video is an excellent illustration of how people suffer from physical pain but don’t know the cause. The medical field is divided into many categories. Some doctors operate, while others treat patients with drugs. Chiropractors practice a more holistic method. There’s been much research and media stories detailing the benefits of chiropractic adjustment as it relates to improving back pain. But I bet you didn’t know that chiropractors can play a healing role in relation to other health conditions. Chiropractic care can help improve the pain associated with: Back pain Headaches Rheumatoid Arthritis Ear infections Scoliosis Sciatica Blood pressure Cancer Neuropathy Primarily chiropractic adjustment is a noninvasive approach to enable the body to heal itself. Because the nervous system controls the body chiropractic adjustment focuses on aligning the spine properly. Arizona Health Pros Phoenix specialists are professionally trained to find the source of your ailment. Coping with headaches Patients who describe headaches as behind the eyes or say there is a sensation like a squeezing band around the head are often feeling pain associated with the spine. Specifically headaches can be caused by pressure on the bones in the upper back and neck. The headache pain can last for short periods of time or for days. Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments works well if the tension headache stems from the neck pressure. These types of headaches can also occur in someone who has suffered a whiplash type injury which has resulted in muscle damage in the neck area. Battling Rheumatoid Arthritis In the past patients with rheumatoid arthritis were told that bed rest and drug therapy were the best...
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4 Neuropathic Pain Treatment Options

Do you have a tingling sensation in your toes and fingers? Is your leg or foot pain keeping you awake at night? Would you describe the pain in your extremities as a burning sensation or does it feels like a sharp electrical jolt? Do you have trouble walking? It may be time to ask your doctor about neuropathy and which neuropathic pain treatment options are best for you. If you have experienced any of these sensations you might have neuropathy, a condition that is best described as pain resulting from nerve damage in your extremities. Essentially the body isn’t working properly because the messages being sent from the brain to the extremities are being affected. Patients report symptoms of decreased sensitivity or increased sensation like tingling, itching, pain or pins and needles numbness in their extremities. The severity of these symptoms varies from mild to severe. Photo Credit: Molika Ashford   The decreased sensitivity is demonstrated by muscle weakness, numbness or lack of temperature sensation or tremors. Patients have described feeling both kinds of sensations because they may overlap.   Who Has It? Neuropathy is a condition that affects between 10 and 20 million Americans, and the most susceptible population to get the condition is diabetics. About 70 percent of diabetics experience neuropathic pain and the common culprit is chronic high blood sugar levels, according to dLife, a television series for diabetics. Neuropathy is most prevalent in diabetics who have lived with the disease for more than 25 years, according to dLife. There are treatment options for neuropathic pain, which is a treatable condition. Arizona Health Pros has designed neuropathic pain treatment options that help heal the nerves and reduce pain. Firstly, a patient seeking neuropathic pain treatment should start with a medical exam and discuss his medical history with the doctor. During the exam, the doctor will assess sensitivity on the soles of the feet either using a tuning fork to see if the patient can sense the vibrations or with a piece of plastic fiber called a monofilament that is run across the bottom of the feet at varying degrees of pressure.   Your doctor may also order an ultrasound before prescribing treatment to assess the blood flow through the body.   What To Do? Neuropathy is a treatable condition; in fact, neuropathic pain treatment is one of the specialties of Arizona Health Pros in Phoenix, AZ....
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Stop Chronic Back Pain with Spinal Manipulation

A person afflicted with back pain must find a healthy and effective means of treatment. One course of treatment that proves effective for many individuals afflicted with chronic back pain is spinal manipulation. The Essentials of Spinal Manipulation According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which is affiliated with the National Institutes of Health, spinal manipulation involves a professional practitioner using hands or an appropriate device to apply a specific amount of force to a joint of a person’s spine. The goal of the process, which is also known as spinal manipulative therapy, is to improve or enhance physical functioning and to relieve pain[1]. Spinal manipulation is provided by professionals that include chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopathic physicians, and medical doctors. Before a person selects such a practitioner, he or she should confirm the level of experience that professional has in providing this type of therapeutic treatment. The Effectiveness of Spinal Manipulation In 2011, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reviewed 26 separate research studies involving the effectiveness of spinal manipulation. The review revealed that spinal manipulation represents an effective way of reducing back pain. In addition, the review of these studies revealed that spinal manipulation also enhanced a person’s overall functionality. Obtain a Spinal Manipulation Consultation If you are interested in spinal manipulation or simply learning more about spinal manipulation, please contact Arizona HealthPros for a professional consultation. Together, we will determine what course of treatment will be most effective in combating your chronic pain. We provide an initial consultation at no cost and with no obligation. [1] SOURCE:...
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Get Your Head on Straight!

Feeling sluggish? Stiff? Is chronic pain something you have decided that you just have to live with? You need to get it straight – your spine that is! A properly aligned spine ensures that the sensitive nerves that branch off of your spinal cord and travel to the rest of your body are functioning optimally. Whether you are looking to improve general wellness, sports performance, or alleviate chronic pain and avoid surgery, chiropractic spinal alignment is the way to go. General Wellness If you feel tired, aren’t sleeping the way you once were, or wake up stiff and sore, seeking preventative care is a step in the right direction to a better you! Just like regular car maintenance extends the drivability and life of your car, proper alignment can prevent future injuries or bodily ailments from slowing you down. Even the littlest members of your family can increase their general wellness with chiropractic care. Proper spinal alignment in infants helps prevent ear infections and helps relief the systems of colic in newborns. Sports Performance If you are an athlete or enjoy competitive fitness competitions, proper alignment will enhance your performance. Proper spinal alignment helps your body recover from stress. Misalignment can pinch nerves or hinder flexibility. If you are suffering from a sports related injury, chiropractic care you can trust will decrease healing time and get you back in the game. Pain Management Many Americans suffer in silence from chronic physical pain when they don’t have to. Instead of buying into the hype of dangerous and addictive pain medications that only temporarily mask the pain, proper alignment will actually heal the root cause. Imagine a pain-free life again! A rotated pelvis and misaligned spine put pressure on sensitive disks and nerves, causing lower back pain and sciatica and neck and shoulder pain. Regular alignment takes the pressure off of these hot spots and allows your body to heal without dangerous medications or expensive surgeries. Are you ready to feel better than ever before? Check out Arizona Health Pros at http://www.arizonahealthpros.com to learn more and call us at 623-776-2225  make your appointment...
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10 Strategies for Coping with Night Time Pain

Chronic pain can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. If it frequently keeps you up at night, here are 10 pain management strategies for dealing with night time pain. Take a Warm Bath or Shower A warm bath or shower right before bed is a great way to relax sore joints and muscles. Invest in a Good Mattress It can be very difficult to get enough sleep if you are lying on a mattress that is several years old. If your mattress is causing you pain, it is time to replace it. Try Different Sleep Positions Changing your sleeping position can help with pain management. Experiment with different sleep positions to see which sleeping style helps you take pressure off of your hurting joints and muscles. Use Lots of Pillows Use pillows to support your body in whichever sleep position you find the most comfortable. If your legs are aching, it may help to raise them up. Keep the Room a Comfortable Temperature According to fmnetnews.com, cold air can cause your joints and muscles to tense up. If your room is chilly, turn the up thermostat to see if that will help. Wear Comfortable Clothing It is hard to get comfortable in bedclothes that are tight, that wrinkle or that get twisted up around you. Wearing something comfortable is an easy pain management tip you should follow. Reduce Stress If your life is very stressful, you may find yourself lying awake at night, thinking about your pain. Try to reduce your stress levels so you can sleep soundly. Use White Noise The white noise provided by a fan, fish tank or white noise machine can help you slip into a deeper sleep and sleep longer. Try an Over-the-counter Sleep Aid An over-the-counter sleep aid can also help you slip into a deeper sleep so you can get the rest you need. If you are on any medications, be sure to talk this idea over with your care provider(s) before trying them. Practice Effective Pain Management Techniques During the Day If you have done too much during the day, your body will feel it at night. Is your pain keeping you up at night? Call Arizona HealthPros for a free consultation, and get the sleep you need once and for all. Sources: http://www.fmnetnews.com/fibro-basics/treatment/self-help-strategies...
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Neuropathy: Treating the Overlying Conditions

Neuropathy is damage to or a disease affecting the nerves. It is generally the result of some overlying illness, and does not usually appear independent of some such condition. Here are a few afflictions that are often the overlying cause of neuropathy: Diabetes Diabetic neuropathy generally affects the sufferer’s feet but can also harm his or her legs. This form of neuropathy often causes ulcers on the feet. Although exact figures vary depending upon whom you ask, it is estimated that approximately one-half of people with diabetes suffer from some form of diabetic neuropathy. Alcoholism Physical dependence on alcohol often leads to extremely poor dietary choices, as alcohol consumption can lead to feelings of satiety that prevent alcoholics from consuming nutritious foods. This in turn leads to the type of vitamin deficiencies—B-1, B-6, B-12 and E, as well as niacin—that can cause neuropathy if left untreated. Alcohol consumption also inhibits the body’s ability to synthesize vitamins and nutrients. Thus, even if someone who consumes large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis eats balanced diet, he or she may still not be retaining enough nutrients to stave off neuropathy-causing vitamin deficiencies. Other alcoholism-related maladies such as liver and kidney disease can also lead to neuropathy. Tumors Whether malignant or benign, tumors can become so large as to put pressure on the nerves that surround them. This decreases sensitivity in the affected area, and can sometimes even eliminate it altogether. If you notice a mass that has appeared suddenly or has noticeably increased in size, you should consult a physician as soon as you possibly can. Conclusion If you suffer from one or more of these diseases and have noticed any signs of neuropathy—decreased physical sensitivity, declining motor skills, muscle weakness or paralysis, heat intolerance, bowel or bladder problems, gradual onset tingling and numbness, among others—you should contact your physician immediately. Waiting will only allow your condition time to worsen, so do not hesitate. For more information, please contact Arizona HealthPros digitally at www.arizonahealthpros.com or by phone at (623) 776-2225. Sources http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/peripheral-neuropathy/DS00131/DSECTION=causes...
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