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New and Improved Chiropractors

They’re not just for neck and back pain anymore!

A common misconception is that a chiropractic clinic only focuses on back and neck pain.  In reality, the number of aches and pains that chiropractors remedy stretches far beyond necks and backs.  Often problems such as shoulder, knee and hip pain are caused by misalignments of the spine.  Because chiropractors focus on correcting alignment of the spine, adjustments can fix the root of the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms.

If you’re having pain in any part of your body, we at Arizona HealthPros, your trusted neuropathy and chiropractic clinic in Phoenix, will be helpful in determining if the care of a professionally trained chiropractor can remedy your problem.  Most people who have never visited a chiropractic clinic simply don’t realize the misalignments that occur in their back and neck.  Even fewer people understand the vast array of problems that those misalignments can cause in their bodies.

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