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Get Your Head on Straight!

Feeling sluggish? Stiff?

Is chronic pain something you have decided that you just have to live with? You need to get it straight – your spine that is!

A properly aligned spine ensures that the sensitive nerves that branch off of your spinal cord and travel to the rest of your body are functioning optimally. Whether you are looking to improve general wellness, sports performance, or alleviate chronic pain and avoid surgery, chiropractic spinal alignment is the way to go.

General Wellness
If you feel tired, aren’t sleeping the way you once were, or wake up stiff and sore, seeking preventative care is a step in the right direction to a better you! Just like regular car maintenance extends the drivability and life of your car, proper alignment can prevent future injuries or bodily ailments from slowing you down. Even the littlest members of your family can increase their general wellness with chiropractic care. Proper spinal alignment in infants helps prevent ear infections and helps relief the systems of colic in newborns.

Sports Performance
If you are an athlete or enjoy competitive fitness competitions, proper alignment will enhance your performance. Proper spinal alignment helps your body recover from stress. Misalignment can pinch nerves or hinder flexibility. If you are suffering from a sports related injury, chiropractic care you can trust will decrease healing time and get you back in the game.

Pain Management
Many Americans suffer in silence from chronic physical pain when they don’t have to. Instead of buying into the hype of dangerous and addictive pain medications that only temporarily mask the pain, proper alignment will actually heal the root cause. Imagine a pain-free life again! A rotated pelvis and misaligned spine put pressure on sensitive disks and nerves, causing lower back pain and sciatica and neck and shoulder pain. Regular alignment takes the pressure off of these hot spots and allows your body to heal without dangerous medications or expensive surgeries.

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