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Neuropathy: Treating the Overlying Conditions

treating overlying conditions
Neuropathy is damage to or a disease affecting the nerves. It is generally the result of some overlying illness, and does not usually appear independent of some such condition. Here are a few afflictions that are often the overlying cause of neuropathy:


Diabetic neuropathy generally affects the sufferer’s feet but can also harm his or her legs. This form of neuropathy often causes ulcers on the feet. Although exact figures vary depending upon whom you ask, it is estimated that approximately one-half of people with diabetes suffer from some form of diabetic neuropathy.


Physical dependence on alcohol often leads to extremely poor dietary choices, as alcohol consumption can lead to feelings of satiety that prevent alcoholics from consuming nutritious foods. This in turn leads to the type of vitamin deficiencies—B-1, B-6, B-12 and E, as well as niacin—that can cause neuropathy if left untreated. Alcohol consumption also inhibits the body’s ability to synthesize vitamins and nutrients. Thus, even if someone who consumes large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis eats balanced diet, he or she may still not be retaining enough nutrients to stave off neuropathy-causing vitamin deficiencies. Other alcoholism-related maladies such as liver and kidney disease can also lead to neuropathy.


Whether malignant or benign, tumors can become so large as to put pressure on the nerves that surround them. This decreases sensitivity in the affected area, and can sometimes even eliminate it altogether. If you notice a mass that has appeared suddenly or has noticeably increased in size, you should consult a physician as soon as you possibly can.


If you suffer from one or more of these diseases and have noticed any signs of neuropathy—decreased physical sensitivity, declining motor skills, muscle weakness or paralysis, heat intolerance, bowel or bladder problems, gradual onset tingling and numbness, among others—you should contact your physician immediately. Waiting will only allow your condition time to worsen, so do not hesitate. For more information, please contact Arizona HealthPros digitally at www.arizonahealthpros.com or by phone at (623) 776-2225.


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